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Immerse Yourself in Beer Tourism

Immerse Yourself in Beer Tourism

Cincinnati Beer Tourism is Real and It’s Spectacular!

That’s right, Cincinnati Beer Tourism IS a thing and it’s time to start making travel plans. Take it from us, a locally owned business focused on bringing YOU the beer drinker, to the beer maker! Are you surprised this business model has succeeded for four years?!?

After returning from the Marketing and Beer Tourism Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, we now see that over 50 brewery tour operators throughout the country have been growing and enjoying those adventurous, thirsty beer tourists all over the world. The Craft Connection crew was able to see where Cincinnati Beer Tourism stood amidst markets all across the country and Australia. We have seen guests from all over the country, Japan, Toronto, Australia, Ireland, and Germany. 

According to the Brewer’s Association, an estimated 10 million people toured small and independent US craft breweries in 2014. These “beercations” are becoming increasingly popular among all demographics. It’s fun and convenient to visit new areas and seek out their local beer scene. Beer Tourism is more established in cities such as Asheville, but Cincinnati as an emerging craft beer market, is not far behind! Cincy Weekend even went as far to compile all the current and future breweries, distilleries, and wineries in the area. There are currently 46 breweries in the Greater Cincinnati Region as of the end of 2017!

If you really want to get into numbers, Travelocity recently published a beer tourism index. Cincinnati hasn’t cracked the top 10 list but that’s what makes Cincy an emerging beer market; we are on our way up!

Cincinnati Beer Tourism is here to stay. Guests love to see how breweries can exist in the same market, produce beer, but have the finish product be so different from every brewery. It’s what makes travelling to different breweries so interesting and enjoyable. If you find yourself traveling soon or are looking for inspiration, look no further than the local beer scene! You might want to consider Cincinnati Beer Tourism as your next “bucket list” item, you won’t regret it! 


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