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Below is a Review of’s Best 3 Cincinnati Brewery & Beer Tours   Read the rest of the article at HERE   Cincinnati has a long and rich beer brewing history that in recent years has been rejuvenated by a fresh wave of microbreweries – both established and up and coming. Many of these breweries offer tours have tap rooms that are open to the public so you can taste some of the fruits of their labour.   If you’re planning a trip to Cincinnati and like the idea of a brewery or beer tour, there are several… Read More

Inside the Craft Connection Bus

Enjoy Cincinnati Craft Beer

Enjoy Facts, Fun, and Beer with Craft Connection! Are you a fan of craft beer? Are you looking to learn about your favorite beverages and the facilities that make them? If so, a brewery tour offered by Craft Connection Brewery Tours in Cincinnati, Ohio is the perfect way for you to spend an afternoon or evening. A brewery tour blends education, fun, and, of course, plenty of delicious craft beer. See what makes this brewery tour unlike any other. You Like Craft Beer but Do Not Like Waiting in Line Luckily, with Craft Connection Brewery Tours you don’t have to wait in line for any of your favorite craft beer. The… Read More

Craft Beer Tasting

Craft Beer Tasting

A Beer Tasting for Beginners Staring down the list at any craft brewery can be intimidating. If you aren’t very familiar with the dizzying array of varieties and types available, ask for a taster. While the jargon can seem complicated, Craft Connection Brewery Tours in Cincinnati wants you to know it doesn’t have to be. Welcome to the craft beer tasting for beginners. According to these craft beer experts, discovering what you like is a simple matter of exploring what breweries have to offer. They recommend you start with: Blonde Ale This light-colored beer is easy to drink and approachable, making it a favorite to… Read More

Cincinnati Brewery Tour

THE Cincinnati Tour

THE Cincinnati Tour – Craft Connection Brewery Tours There are few things as enjoyable as sitting around a bar, drinking beer with your friends—except making a day of it with a Cincinnati Tour. Brewery tours offer the chance to combine your love of beer with your thirst for adventure. They take you on trips to local breweries. You can sample new products in a variety of flavors. Craft Connection Brewery Tours provides regular bus tours of nearby breweries in the Cincinnati area. With their professionals at the helm of the day’s events, you’ll expand your knowledge of beer making while delighting your taste… Read More

Craft Connection Bus outside West Side Brewery

Cincinnati Craft Beer around Northside

Cincinnati Craft Beer in North and West Side Cincinnati’s “North” side isn’t very far north. The neighborhood known as Northside is only a 10 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati. Residents of downtown, the west side of Cincinnati, or even Northern Kentucky can easily get to the Northside neighborhood and the surrounding breweries to get delicious, award-winning Cincinnati craft beer. A typical Cincinnati Brewery Tour route will include three of the following Cincinnati craft breweries: Urban Artifact, Taft’s Brewpourium, Brink Brewing, and West Side Brewing. All are located within 10-15 minutes of downtown Cincinnati. The five Cincinnati craft breweries are a good mix… Read More


Refund Policy: Refunds are granted only for cancellations occurring prior to 72 hours of scheduled tour, and if tour is cancelled by Craft Connection. Tours may be cancelled at the discretion of Craft Connection due to harsh or severe weather resulting in unfavorable and unsafe road conditions.