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Top 10 Cincinnati Brewery Tour FAQ’s

Top 10 Cincinnati Brewery Tour FAQ’s

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Do YOU Know What We Do on a Cincinnati Brewery Tour?!?

Cincinnati Brewery Tours still remain a new concept for some local Cincinnatians. Whether our guests hail from the Tri-State area or as far out as Japan (yep, that happened) guests are unsure what to expect and frequently ask the same questions to gain some sort of knowledge as to what they are embarking on. We’ve compiled the top 10 list which should help potential guests of a Cincinnati Brewery Tour understand what they are embarking on. 

Top 10 Cincinnati Brewery Tour FAQ’s

1. Can I drink on the bus? Drinking is permitted on the bus HOWEVER two important rules to abide by: alcoholic beverages cannot exceed 7% ABV AND no outside beverages can be carried into any of the breweries. That’s frowned upon and highly illegal.

2. What kind of food is provided and can we bring our own food? The bus is equipped with various chips. There is also a cooler on board with ice, bottles of water, and room for beer storage. If guests want to bring their own food, that is perfectly fine. Each bus has room for food storage. We can also coordinate pizza to be delivered to one of the breweries. Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza delivers to Braxton Labs, Braxton, and Wooden Cask in Northern Kentucky. 

3. What is included in the price of the tour? Every Craft Connection tour includes transportation, tours, and tastings. Guests receive behind-the-scenes tours at each brewery where your Tour Guide will talk about the brewery’s story, the beer-making process, the ingredients, and tasting notes. Guests will also receive 3-4, 6 oz. tastings of various styles of beer at each brewery. There is no shortage of beer on these tours…trust us! Gratuity is not included.

4. What if I don’t drink beer? Is there a non-drinker ticket? Yes; guests can always purchase a non-drinker ticket online and still enjoy their Cincinnati Brewery Tour experience. 

5. What if I just want to be driven around to the breweries and will purchase my own beers? We offer a transportation only service. Price is $90/hour.

6. Do you offer tours only on the weekends? The Cincinnati Brewery Tours run almost every day, all-year round. Private tours are also available for groups of 10 or more. 

7. I see you have three-14 passenger buses, what if my group is bigger? We can accommodate any size group through the rental of a charter bus. 

8. Something came up and I need to cancel, what do I do now? Guests can cancel within 72 hours of their tour to receive a full refund. Email and he’ll issue the refund.

9. I want to book a private tour but am not from Cincy and have no idea what I’m doing…please help! (this was an actual question/request). All we need to know is the timing, group size, and pickup and drop off location, and we’ll take care of the rest. All booking payments are made through a unique link we share with the guests on a private tour.

10. I live in ____(enter city far away). Can you pick us up? Our normal tours meet at Nation Kitchen in Bar in Cincy. For private tours, we do not charge for pickup/drop off within 15 miles of downtown Cincy. We can still pickup beyond that distance for an additional $5-$15/person.

The Cincinnati Brewery Tour experience is meant to be simple, comfortable, fun, and educational. The above answers should help clear up any confusion. If not, we will respond to all questions within 24 hours! 




Refund Policy: Refunds are granted only for cancellations occurring prior to 72 hours of scheduled tour, and if tour is cancelled by Craft Connection. Tours may be cancelled at the discretion of Craft Connection due to harsh or severe weather resulting in unfavorable and unsafe road conditions.