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Craft Beer Tasting

Craft Beer Tasting

A Beer Tasting for Beginners

Staring down the list at any craft brewery can be intimidating. If you aren’t very familiar with the dizzying array of varieties and types available, ask for a taster. While the jargon can seem complicated, Craft Connection Brewery Tours in Cincinnati wants you to know it doesn’t have to be. Welcome to the craft beer tasting for beginners.

According to these craft beer experts, discovering what you like is a simple matter of exploring what breweries have to offer. They recommend you start with:

Blonde Ale

This light-colored beer is easy to drink and approachable, making it a favorite to those who are first starting their craft beer journey. You’ll often find blonde ales fermented with fruit or honey, but even without other flavors it won’t have any strong wheat or hop characteristics. Rhinegeist Cougar is a good example of this Cincinnati craft beer.

Cincinnati Craft Beer Tasting

Rhinegeist Cougar and their IPA, Truth

Cream Ale

Another beautiful, light-colored beer with strong carbonation and a very mild hop flavor, cream ale is also popular with those who are still learning about craft beer. These are made with a variety of yeasts, but will all have a light, pleasant flavor with a delicate finish. Braxton’s Storm is a good example of this Northern Kentucky craft beer.

Cincinnati Craft Beer Tasting

Braxton’s Storm; Golden Cream Ale


A straw-colored German beer, this style boasts a mild malt flavor with a touch of sweetness. Occasional beer drinkers might enjoy the slightly sharp, dry finish and the clarity of the flavors, which some people compare to semi-sweet wines.


A more full-bodied beer than the others on this list, the Pilsner has a strong hoppy taste with a slightly bitter finish. Fans of this beer enjoy the delicate mix of flavors and floral aromas. Rhinegeist’s Puma is a good example of this Cincinnati craft beer.

Cincinnati Craft Beer Tasting

Rhinegeist’s Puma Pilsner

With the right guide, learning about craft beer can be fun and exciting. Craft Connection Brewery Tours combines fun with a one-of-a-kind educational experience that will open up a whole new world for you to explore. Visit their website, or call (513) 498-8326 to book your reservation on their next tour today.


Refund Policy: Refunds are granted only for cancellations occurring prior to 72 hours of scheduled tour, and if tour is cancelled by Craft Connection. Tours may be cancelled at the discretion of Craft Connection due to harsh or severe weather resulting in unfavorable and unsafe road conditions.